Happy Caturday — heat seekers edition

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  1. Yes, I have one of my cat in the clothes dryer too…. Love these!

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  2. These are tremendous fun. While the four cats in the first one are cute, I think the d’awww award goes to the b&w (?) pic of the kitten hugging-straddling the pipe on the radiator.

    We need a supplemental space heater In our in-town office, and the lonely cat likes to sit smack in front of it. Then he’s fun to hug.

    😦 One week ago tonight, as usual, I let the home cats out after dinner to do their business in the yard (saves litter). Our cats were always indoor-outdoor. You really can’t keep them inside.

    The old man Spark never came home.

    Sixteen years ago we found Spark and his sister, Spirit, as tiny gray kittens abandoned by the road in the woods. I hate losing one of our furry pals, but when one just disappears, it’s the worst. Been long ages since one just disappeared on us.

    Spark was a great cat. Our hearts ache. Sorry for downer comment attached to your funny pix. Mixed bag Caturday.

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    • Yvonne says:

      It must be terrible, not only to lose Spark, but not to know what happened to him. Love to you.

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    • I’m sorry. It’s hard to lose a furry friend, especially one that’s been part of your family for so long. 😦

      One of our elderly cats passed on to that great catnip field in the sky last year, after seventeen years with us. She was a sweet, pretty little thing, and we hated to lose her. The good thing is that she died peacefully of natural causes… just went to sleep one day and never woke up.

      Right around that time, a new feline entered our lives — a scruffy, skittish little stray who just appeared out of nowhere. He had the same coloring as our cat who’d just died — gray and white with blue eyes. We put food out for him, which he devoured ravenously, but it took a long time for him to let us get near him, and even longer for him to let us touch him. Once he finally got over his fear of us, he became very friendly and affectionate. He has to live on the porch, as we have a full complement of house cats already, but my husband built a nice little house for him and put a heating pad in it, and we give him food and water and lots of love. We call him Scruffy. 🙂

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  3. Hilarious. I have two cats, and I think they’ve found every warm place, including almost everyone you pictured. Sometimes, the item is almost too hot to touch.

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  4. Candice says:

    Cats are so funny being just their natural selves!

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  5. I’m not really a moggie man, I’m a doggie bloke, but must admit there’s some very pretty pussy 🐱 here.

    That cat lying flat on his/her back would probably get on with my Coco, my beautiful American Golden Cocker /King Charles cross, he loves to lie down just like that, similar colouring too, and my Coco being such a silly dog would probably think it was his twin

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  6. V.M.Sang says:

    Cats do so love the heat, don’t they? I have a photo of one of my daughter’s cats asleep in a small patch of sunlight.

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  7. Wally Fry says:

    Once, when our Percy was younger he got inside the dryer and it got started! Thank goodness somebody heard him thumping around.

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  8. egorr says:

    Ah! I see the “boneless cat” is in full development…

    All three of ours qualify, but the (large) lump of fur, Furby, is a Ragdoll and used to drape himself over the edge of the sofa. Now he just emulates a Fur Seal when there’s a patch of sunlight and lays on his back in the sunlight on the floor like a large furry blob.

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