Friday happy dance

6 Responses to Friday happy dance

  1. The young today have no idea what they are missing, eyes glued to mobile/cell phones, electronic games and gadgets, I think these are the bad new days. Progress? I don’t think so. Thank you for this, I’m going to show my 5 and 2 year old granddaughters this today when they visit their dear ol’ grandpa, I know the will love it. Especially the 2 year old

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  2. […] c/o Bluebird of Bitterness Awkward Touch c/o MOTUS Pence c/o chrissythehyphenated at […]

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  3. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that was about 60 years or more ago. —- Suzanne

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  4. Today, I can watch this and smile at the talent involved. At the time, I might’ve appreciated some of the gals (knowing, humble boy that I was, that Annette was too old and out of my league), but on the whole I was impatiently waiting for the next installment of the Hardy Boys, or “Meeska Mooska Mousketeer, Mouse Cartoon Time now is here!”

    Those adult men still creep me out, though.

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