I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — sign language edition

26 Responses to I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — sign language edition

  1. Mike says:

    Read Cakefully.

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  2. Thomas Anger says:

    These are great. I have a small lexical bone to pick with the first one. I have always thought of garbage as food waste and trash as non-food waste. So I can’t find fault with the sign. Indeed, food waste is the first meaning given for garbage here: https://www.thefreedictionary.com/garbage. I raise the point because I’m curious as to whether there are others who make the distinction that I make.

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  3. Many grins & chuckles here. Great new ones, some classics.

    Should be noted that the “Unions our my cup of tea” protesters are teachers! Of coarse.

    Speed bumps when children are playing is hilarious. That’s what you get when you have slow children, of quarts.

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  4. Donnalee says:

    I wish that the not dumb areas could be exported–

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  5. Yvonne says:

    I like your ever changing background. You do try to keep us on our toes!

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  6. Citizen Tom says:

    I think the Prevagen one was my favorite, but they were all funny. The lane closure one brought too many bad memories home. Sure glad I don’t have to commute anymore. Pray for those who do.

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  7. I think the pharmacy one was done on purpose to make people think they’re seeing things wrong and have to take Prevagen. You know, more sales, more $$ . 🙂

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  8. Your post made me laugh! Three times! Do you know what a miracle that is right now? My husband and I are closing on a house early in the morning, we have a ton of packing, cleaning, moving, and unpacking yet to do, we are both still recovering from a horrible case of ths awful flu that has been going around, we are in our sixties, and we are feeling overwhelmed and crabby. I am exhausted right now, about to fall into bed… and you just made me Laugh Right Out Loud.


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    • Oh dear Lady Q… life is certainly ganging up on you two. 😦
      I hope and pray that you’ll both be feeling back to normal soon, that you will survive the packing and moving and unpacking ordeal (and may it be over with as quickly and uneventfully as possible), and that very soon you’ll be able to get back to your literary pursuits. 🙂
      p.s. You’re descended from John Tyler? So am I! You and I are probably eleventh cousins or something.

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      • Oh, you must have seen my author bio on my old novel? Yes, my maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Tyler, and my paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Eisenhour. I grew up hearing my dad and his mother brag about how we were distant cousins to President Eisenhower, and my mother brag that she was descended from President Tyler. It wasn’t until 4 years ago when I had my DNA testing done by ancestry dot com, that I learned the truth: the Tylers I am descended from, are not descended from any U.S. President. There also does not appear to be any connection between the Missouri Eisenhours and the White House Eisenhower.

        The original publishing company that published my novel in 2000, has been bought and sold a couple of times. They put my book on Kindle a few years ago and never said a word to me. I know some people are stil buying my book, but I haven’t seen a royalty check since 2004. I don’t have any idea how to contact the current publisher, to correct the author bio. Nor do I much care, since I don’t use that pen name anymore and, like I said, they aren’t even paying me anymore. I guess I should figure out how to correct that, at least, but… Eh. They put the world’s worst cover on my book, so I just want to keep my distance.

        Sorry to disappoint, but we probably aren’t Tyler cousins. However, according to 23andMe, I am related to a whole lot of Smiths. If you are, too, then we probably are cousins after all, and cousin to most of the Caucasian world! 😀

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  9. I shouldn’t laugh as I have bruised ribs but OMG some of those are just priceless, hahaa!

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