The geek shall inherit the earth

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  1. Abigail says:

    Sesame Street should incorporate that Cookie Monster joke in an episode. It would provide some humor for parents watching the show with their children and, in this grand Age of Technology, some children might understand it too.

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  2. Ha, ha. What am I laughing at? I remember things much earlier than that. 😀 — Suzanne

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    • egorr says:

      I hear you! Back in ’59 thru ’63, we lived on an old English Manor in Leiston, England. Dad was stationed for 4 years at Bentwaters RAF, dragged us along with him. The telephone had NO dial, and was powered by 6 of those those old/large 1.5v wet cells – you had to pick up the handset and ask for the Operator to connect you! That part of England was a wee bit behind the times…

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      • Egorr: …The telephone had NO dial… you had to pick up the handset and ask for the Operator to connect you!…

        When I was a wee tad, I would pick up the receiver on our dial-less deskset, wait for the operator to say, “Num-ber plee-ease?” I’d speak clearly (as we were taught in those AT&T phone etiquette films) my friend’s number, which was easy for me because it was “two, four, six.” She’d say thank you and connect me to Tommy’s house.

        So, I always tell the young’n’s, we had voice-activated dialing ‘way back then. Everything since has been a step back. 😀

        While I’m rambling phone-tically, I figure the biggest improvement in phone technology over the decades has been (drumroll) replacing the dial with buttons. Why? Well, that circular impression on your index finger if you dialed a lot of calls, for one thing. But mostly…

        There’s an emergency (it’s1950s), who do you call? Dial “Operator.” And as seconds count, you dial whirr — all the way around the dial, wait for it to clickety-click back. Or, later, it’s now 911 – so you dial the 9, almost as long to dial as the “O” — why couldn’t they just make 0 the first dial position, or later make emergency = 111? Well, moot now. All buttons are created equal.

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  3. The one about the twitter account is brilliant.

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  4. A lot of truth here.

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