Happy birthday, Gioachino

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868) doesn’t actually get a birthday this year, since he was born on February 29, but we’re going to wish him a happy birthday anyway. Here is his William Tell Overture, played slightly out of sequence by Mickey Mouse and his band, with Donald Duck supplying the counterpoint.

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  1. A funny thing I finally figured out about Disney cartoons: they’re not funny. Not in the way an old Chuck Jones WB cartoon is funny.

    But the early Disneys like this one were just craziness for fun. I read that this was “the first color animated short in the Mickey Mouse series” (although not the first appearance of the main characters).

    And this early version of Donald has its charm. The longer beak, leaner body. More Daffy-ish. Didja notice Donald is the only one who speaks? If you can call that speaking.

    The Band Concert on Disney Wiki

    Trivia Supreme: Donald is playing “Turkey in the Straw,” the song Mickey performed in Steamboat Willie.

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    • I like the earlier version of Donald — I think he’s hilarious. Also, in some of the earliest cartoons where Daisy Duck appears, Daisy’s speech and personality were just like Donald’s. They should have kept her that way, instead of turning her into the prissy little twit with the high-pitched voice that appears in the later cartoons.

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  2. oltanker says:

    Chuck Jones and the Warner Brothers bunch did it MUCH better.

    Mickey Mouse is a wimp and Donald Duck it Daffy’s slower, less able distant cousin.


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