How people had fun in the pre-digital era

24 Responses to How people had fun in the pre-digital era

  1. W*O*W. Thank you for the free time travel trip.

    A bowling kangaroo??!!

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  2. The little girl feeding the pig is delightful

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  3. I love the old pictures, especially the 1940’s styles. The clothes were a lot better looking than those of the 1950’s which made a short person look absolutely dumpy. Tall women like Doris Day looked great but I was short. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  4. I would be hard-pressed to find contemporary photos of people having as much fun.

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  5. egorr says:

    #1: The original Turtle Wax
    #2: How to cool down after a strenuous ballet practice
    #3: Mama relaxing after the last kid has gone to school.
    #4: UP (up and awaaaay, with my beautiful balloons!)
    #5: Traveling beauties.
    #6: Gettin’ High at the beach, 60’s style!
    #7: My Favorite Martian, the early years…
    #8: How teenagers studied BEFORE TV.
    #9: Beach beauties, 40’s style.
    #10: Take Your Wallaby to the Bowling Alley Night
    #11: No Peeping Toms allowed! Girls Only!
    #12: Squeals of joy all around!
    #13: Early CAT scan – read the instructions to do it properly…
    #14: Parkour, the early early EARLY years.
    #15: Lunch in The ‘Hood, early edition.
    #16: Ah, those warm summer nights out with your girl!
    #17: K9 training on a budget… and an aspiring pugilist as well!
    #18: Paper training.
    #19: We all scream for ice cream!
    #20: Kipper me Flippers! It’s lunchtime! Follow me, boys…
    #21: Cat: “PLEASE tune that thing!!”
    #22: “We grows ’em BIG here in Texas!”
    #23: A Girl, her Dog, and Her Horse. Simple goodness.

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  6. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    BlueBird provides a hysterical historical lesson 😃

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  7. Very good view back, thank you!

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  8. Abigail says:

    Arguably, some of these antics continue in this era. For example, people still post ridiculous photos featuring animals.

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  9. […] A bit of nostalgia for you all thanks to Chris for sharingvia How people had fun in the pre-digital era […]

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  10. Ah, yes.  Turtle washing.  Those were the days.

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