The geek shall inherit the earth

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  2. Dawn Marie says:

    hysterical…as usual! Hugs!

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  3. Donnalee says:

    These crack me up–thanks!

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  4. Hilarious. 😀 — Suzanne

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  5. Abigail says:

    Ah, nothing like the days of learning, memorizing, and visually explaining mitosis in biology class. I only remember the process now, three years since studying it, because I earned extra credit for fully describing it on an exam, which no one else in my class attempted. (Yes, I’m that student.)

    To the poorly-used computer: At least you’re a doorstop and not trash.

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  6. Sherrie Miranda says:

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    I needed a laugh today! Thanks, Bluebird! 😉 ❤
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    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too.
    You can watch it on YouTube or go to my home page:

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