Young girls creeped out by older scientists constantly trying to lure them into STEM

From The Onion.

SEATTLE, WA—With responses ranging from “squirming in discomfort” to “completely discouraged from studying science and engineering,” a nationwide poll group of high school-age girls revealed Tuesday that the nation’s young women are being utterly creeped out by scientists twice their age constantly attempting to lure them into the study of science, technology, engineering, and math.


“They’re always hanging around our classrooms and sending us targeted messages online—they sometimes even offer us money if we’re into their sort of thing. It’s so desperate,” said 13-year-old Tessa Levin, recounting the several times she and her friends had been approached by the type of much older chemical engineers or web developers who frequent science fairs with the hopes of involving girls in non-profit mentorship programs or computer programming sleepaway camps. 

“They always try to treat us like we’re special, but the truth is, they’ll go after pretty much any girl under 18 who can draw a simple parallel circuit diagram. They’re clearly trying to groom girls for their weird lifestyle from a young age. At first it was kind of funny, but the more we learn, the more it just seems gross.” 

The poll also revealed that some scientists also seem to have a thing for young black and Latino boys.

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  1. I’m not even sure whether I should take this seriously at all. Is it hyped up by the media? Are the girls genuinely upset, or is it supposed to be a funny article. Surely, feminine groups worldwide are trying to get more girls involved in STEM because it is so dominated by males. Is the writer trying to suggest that the majority of older scientists are creepy pedophiles?

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  2. Women, blacks, and Latinos in the sciences, how scary. What can these older scientists be thinking? Asians will have to make room. 😀 — Suzanne

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  3. mvaden1948 says:

    I have a lot of trouble when I’m trying to be satiricle…even Google can’t spell it and neither can I.
    I also have trouble when I’m trying to be funny because if it’s not in the gutter most people in the US don’t “get it”.
    Ah, well…I got the satire from the beginning.

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    • mvaden1948 says:

      Just a small addition….in remembering my high school science teacher, I’m not sure about his motives but he was older and somewhat creepy. At least he didn’t make me cut up a frog. Yuk!

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    • The crazier the world gets, the more challenging it becomes to do satire. I steal from the best (Duffel Blog, Babylon Bee, Onion, etc.), but I know those sites sometimes get in trouble when readers take their stories seriously.

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Funny! Kind of wacky you had to explain this is satire.

    Genius is mostly just hard, disciplined work. To work hard with unremitting discipline, we must love what we do. Does that mean scientists and engineers must be of a certain sex and skin color? Musicians? No. It just means you have to be quite foolish to insist upon hiring anyone to do almost any job based upon their sex or skin color.

    Some cultural groups don’t promote a love of those STEM things. Some do. That is the way that it is. It is not government’s job to change us.

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  5. bydesign001 says:

    I know that it is satire and as funny as it is, I kept thinking to myself, that in today’s environment, “Albert Einstein wouldn’t stand a chance in hell.”

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  6. […] reading a little satire from the Onion that was shared this month on the Bluebird of Bitterness, Young girls creeped out by older scientists constantly trying to lure them into STEM. It certainly could give you something to talk […]

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