In memoriam

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  1. Lisa Beth says:

    From NYC, thank you bob, for remembering that tragic day.

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  2. Remarkable. Hard to believe that to my grandchildren, this is as ancient history as the end of WWII was to me. My parents had to be my bridge to the atrocities of that war and I guess I’ll be one of the bridges to 9/11 for them. Never forget.

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  3. A warm-up for this anniversary, for Milady & me, was a few days ago, re-re-re-watching Men in Black. Smith’s character has just been invited to join the extraterrestrial agency, and then there’s a shot of the NY skyline… with the twin towers.

    And it all floods back. The Before and After of that awful morning jumps out at the strangest times and clutches the heart.

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  4. This was lovely. I know I’ll never forget. —- Suzanne

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    I know I’ll never forget

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