Advertisements from long, long ago– For the Children™ edition

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  1. I particularly like the chubby catalogue, and how TV makes children better behaved at home and gives better marks at school. Perhaps it will catch on!

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  2. Listerine for ring worm? Who knew?

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  3. I haven’t thought of Mars Bars in years! I loved them. And then they disappeared.

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    • tidalscribe says:

      ‘A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play’. – we don’t have that advertisement anymore, but Mars bars are still around, only they are smaller!
      ps Would advertisers be allowed these days to call children Chubbies?

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  4. *sigh* Getting old means seeing ads from your own childhood posted in someone’s “Long Ago” post…..

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    Ah, those were the days…

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  6. egorr says:

    I like the “Look at friends you can make with Play-Doh” one… note Darth Vader hovering in the background!

    And, just how *does* TV benefit my children, anyway??

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    • Just between you and me, it really doesn’t benefit kids at all, but that never stopped my mother using it as a babysitter when my brothers and I were little. As long as we were glued to the TV, we weren’t tearing the house apart or killing each other, so it probably did benefit our poor overworked mother, even as it was busy turning our brains into tapioca.


  7. rednig says:

    Didn’t Mrs. winslow’s have opium in it?

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    • Or maybe cocaine. I wouldn’t be surprised. Wet nurses in nineteenth century Britain used laudanum to calm fussy babies whose mothers were busy putting in sixteen-hour days at the factory. I personally used wine to calm my baby when she was teething.


  8. The Night Wind says:

    If you really want politically incorrect, I can remember Candy Cigarettes. Imagine the hysteria if they sold those today.

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  9. I love old ads. The memories come flooding back. Good old Howdy Doody. I was a loyal fan. 😀 — Suzanne

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  10. There are so many things to comment on with these ads. Too many! I’ll try to restrain myself…

    • Poll-Parrot Pre-Testers included Howdy Doody. And his… sister??

    • Lego: Yes, dear, that’s a nice… um… whatever – oops I dropped it!

    • Chubbies: Back before fat shaming, right?

    • Mrs Winslow’s cocaine syrup, good for children teething and also the “mother’s friend,” if you know what I mean and I think that you do…

    • Carter’s: Kids’ hands could not be holding that tray. P’shopped.

    • Hadn’t heard of Red Goose shoes in … quite a while!

    • Ringworm – another case for home schooling!

    • School-time fashions for girls were actually pretty snazzy. Why can’t today’s schoolgirls dress like that? 😀

    • Wonder what the date is on that Motorola TV ad. Imagine it today. Why the Internet is good for your children!

    Okay, I did manage to skip a few of them… great post, bob!

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