Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

6 Responses to Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

  1. Donnalee says:

    I’ve been reading a very cranky Mary Poppins book, the original blue handcover version printed during the War (1943 I think), which starts with a pafe of fond hope that children will soon be able to openly blow things up in honour of this date again, since the Blackout was keeping everyone from doing so. The book features a lot of blowing up things for Guy Fawkes day, and a very cranky and rather mean Mary Poppins being no fun at all. I hadn’t known she came across as so tough and even unkind, but got the book from our little local free library in Woodstock, NY–

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  2. egorr says:

    As a kid over in England from ’59 to 62′, I always enjoyed Guy Fawkes Day (okay, night), especially when it snowed. Nowadays I fire off a few fireworks saved from the 4th during New Years Eve – nobody seems to mind, not much fire danger!

    Ah, the Good Old Days of my Dad stationed over in England… good times, good times. Got to know a LOT of Brit culture even though I was going to the US school at Bentwaters RAF.

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  3. This day always fascinated me! He seemed more inept than dangerous, but I may be confusing him with another foiled blower-upper of government.

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  4. Very informative and unknown to me!

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  5. They were great days when I was a boy after the war when we were allowed to build our bonfires in the middle of the streets to burn our guy.
    The days before we’d have our Guy and stand outside the railway station, along with many others and call out/beg ” Penny for the Guy” this money was used to buy our fireworks.
    Thanks for bringing back some old memories of England 1945 -1951

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  6. Interesting. I wondered about it. —- Suzanne

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