‘Tis the season

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  1. Good ‘toon, BoB.

    Last night after we got home from Mom’s, I told Milady that there were a couple of household items I thought I should run and get at WalMart this morning.

    For some reason, she heavily discouraged me from this idea.


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  2. Laura B Mielcarek says:

    I am a pharmacy tech in a grocery store pharmacy. Today, based on previous Black Friday’s, is expected to be slow. I hope that is true because I have to do my shelf maintenance — count all the meds in my section of stock to maintain an accurate inventory.

    The pharmacist who makes the schedule was advised to add extra people today, but she is doubtful that we will be busy.

    Anywhoooo…I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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  3. That’s really rough. 😀 — Suzanne

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