Musical offering for the twelfth day of Christmas

My favorite version of the much-parodied song. If you like music, and suspect that you could get along just fine without a bunch of milkmaids and leaping lords and all that poultry, give this one a try. 

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  1. This is fun! It moves into second place behind Bob and Doug McKenzie’s version of the song. Because I am nothing if not lowbrow.

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  2. Yvonne says:

    Hah, it wasn’t available to play here in Australia, but I tracked it down. And, it was good!

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  3. This parody is in the top tier of musical humor: so clever and so well played/sung that it stands up to repeated listening, long after LOL has yielded to familiarity.

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  4. Strange, I’m in Spain and the message I got was the uploader has not made this video available in your country. Shame.


  5. [[ This comment is unavailable in your area. ]]


    I think “unavailable in your country” is in response to different copyright enforcement in different countries.

    I’ve been playing with VPN – it gives me a choice of locations I appear to be. “Americas” is my usual setting. I’m not sure where in “Americas” the IP is, but I think it must be outside the USA, because with the VPN on, I sometimes hit “unavailable” sites (many tv/news websites) and some videos; also Patriot Retort and my weather station don’t like me .

    Anyway, I switch off the VPN and most things become available again. I’m back in the USA. Maybe ye Europeans can get a VPN service with a USA IP. (Don’t ask me how; I only use it because it’s built into my browser.)

    There’s always some way to work around the Internet roadblocks, even in China (but don’t get caught!!).

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