Why people shop online

Despite the name of the channel, this is most emphatically not “a southern thing.” I’ve lived my whole life north of the Mason-Dixon line, and this explains why I shop online whenever possible — and why, when I must shop locally, I always use the self-checkout lane.

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  1. That more than tells why. 😀 — Suzanne

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  2. tidalscribe says:

    That made me laugh out loud.

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  3. tidalscribe says:

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    Here’s a laugh for anybody who goes out shopping – from Bluebird who always brings us something musical or amusing.

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  4. If Amazon establishes a customer hall of fame, I’m sure to be in it.

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  5. You may have scarred me for life from EVER shopping off line. I’ve had every one of those lines tossed at me (including the creepy mother’s maiden name and blood type at a store I never went back to) while trying to purchase something. Except the Skippy one. I’d have donated to Skippy. Even though I do realize that plea for funds was totally photoshopped, and “Skippy” is some slime bag who is getting incredible rich off the idea.

    Also, I would have said the absolute number one reason people shop on line is because you don’t have to get dressed to do it. You can sit around in your pjs at 3 p.m. or your underwear or even nothing at all. Which might be TMI…right?

    That was a funny vid though!

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    • There are all kinds of good reasons for shopping online, beyond what’s portrayed in that video. I say, let the guys who drive for UPS and FedEx deal with the traffic and the icy roads in winter and road construction in summer. They get paid to do it. (And I love being able to shop in my jammies, too.)

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