Wednesday weirdness

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  1. Oh this made me laugh. Also funny is Dave Barry’s comment. I’m a white recreational black coffee drinker, but sometimes like a cappuccino or an icy mocha. So I think I’m good. 😀

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    • I’m a pasty-faced coffee-with-extra-cream drinker. There used to be a little coffee shop near where I live that had the best frosty mochas in the galaxy, and I quickly became addicted to them. When they went out of business, I went through withdrawal. I’ve been looking for another one like it ever since…

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  2. colonialist says:

    People are ever so fond of racist stuff to rant about these days!

    Very funny.

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  3. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Tea, anyone?

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  4. Eileen says:

    The facial combination was subtle and thought provoking. The video not so much. 🙂

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