The elevator

By all accounts, Super Bowl 2019 was a real snoozefest, but some of the commercials weren’t half bad. I’m informed by those in a position to know that this was one of the best.

10 Responses to The elevator

  1. Hilarious. 😀 — Suzanne

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  2. egorr says:

    They got a lot of flack from the Perpetually Aggrieved Crowd, which (in my *humble* opinion) should be ignored.
    Good commercial…
    (Sorry, Captain Colon!)

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  3. I love Jason Bateman. I will watch anything he does. This is a terrific ad.

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  4. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Hilarious! Unfortunately, I’ve gotten off on many of those floors myself.

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  5. What few SB commercials I saw for this year were really sad. Thanks for pulling this gem out of the dungheap.

    Beetloaf – hahaha – even in our most vegetarian-ish days would we have ever concocted such a monstrosity.


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  6. -Eugenia says:

    This was of the best commercials and I also enjoyed the one where the football players got into a free-for-all at a blacktie affair.

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  7. […] Elevator h/t Bluebird of Bitterness […]

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