Friday happy dance

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  1. Not that it matters to their dance performance, but it is kind-of embarrassing to watch these great old bands so obviously lip-syncing to the radio release. (Like, where’s the band we’re hearing!!)

    That appeared to be Paul Revere and the Raiders introducing the Temptations. According to, American Bandstand, in season 9, 1966, ep 28, aired March 19, had Paul Revere & the Raiders (and Bob Brown – who?). Ep 50, aired August 20, had the Temptations performing Get Ready and another song (with other guest Sandy Posey – who??). So I wonder how that worked. No mention of both in any episode I could find. The Raiders just dropped by?

    According to

    Get Ready was #1 on Billboard’s Top Selling R&B Singles chart on Saturday, April 30, 1966, but failed to match the crossover chart achievements of the Temptations’ four preceding singles.

    About the dance routine, it says they found out they were booked to appear on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. “With the taping less than an hour away,” Otis wrote, “Paul [Williams] rounded us up in a hotel room, and in thirty-two minutes, we devised, learned, rehearsed, and mastered the routine.” They were ready.

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  2. That little routine was simple but effective. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  3. colonialist says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Snoopy does it best.

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