Happy birthday, George

In honor of the birthday of George Frideric Handel (1685-1759), here is a hornpipe from The Water Music, composed in 1717.

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  1. I love Handel. The man never wrote a bad note in his entire life.

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  2. I am completely gobsmacked! That is amazing! I’ve never seen anything so mighty and majestic
    I am going to save this , or find the complete work and watch it whenever I need a boost, and at my age that’s every day!
    Thanks BoB for sharing

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  3. Richard says:

    Some Classical music selections are, to me, very boring….too structured, too dull.

    Others, however, reach heights of musical lyricism which for me are enthralling, entrancing, not hypnotizing but close to it.

    This item (Water Music) is, to use Jane’s term: “An old War Horse”. It has been played and replayed. But deservedly so. It is musically appealing. It has a brisk cadence or rhythm. All the instruments get their fair share of “playing time”.

    Sometimes it’s good to have a piece such as this in the music library to trot out when one has just endured (by accident) 30-45 seconds of loud amusical banging and bashing instrumentation accompanied by caterwauling human voices.




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