Sunday musical offering

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  1. I so like the harp!

    When I was young, my aunt, who lived across the street, had a harp, and I did get to know it a bit. Never got to play it enough.

    When Milady was pregnant with our first, we went to a harp concert. I just asked, what happened, she kicked and…? Milady exclaimed, “I felt her dance! She didn’t quit for the whole show.”

    The instrument I usually torture is the piano, and as a comic performer, one of my inspirations on the 88s has always been Chico Marx. But whenever Harpo plays, I just stop and savor. Just watching his face change from silly to serious is amazing.

    So, yeah, I could listen to the likes of Xingni Xiao all day. Which is actually what I’m doing, at her YouTube channel.

    Thanks, Bob.

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