Sunday funnies

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  1. Hahahaha! Perfect.

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  2. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    So true!

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  3. rednig says:

    Hmm, we don’t suffer that in Arizona. But, we always go for the bucket-size. It’s the cowboy way. It’s too hard to dissolve the mule in those tiny cups, let alone his shoes. Mind, if you ever go to a cow camp (aka roundup), don’t ask for espresso. Coosie (cusinero/cook) doesn’t serve weak tea. Always drink a second swallow right after the first. That’s the one that restarts the heart. They always have to out-do folks in Mexico. Vaquero Kahlua: Chew up a mouthful of coffee beans, then sip tequila sloowly thru the beans. Swallow. Repeat. Give chewed beans to your caballo and find a new cowpony while your’s is passed out on the ground. Mind, those cowponies can be vicious brutes when they have a hangover! You’d be best off saddling a grizzly bear, instead. Only problem, when those longhorn mama cows see a bear, they want to play fuzzy medicine ball and tend to just plan wear him out. You, too. Now you know why grizzlies are rare down this way and why jaguars (cats, not the cars) tend to hide in trees when Mama Bossy is around. Until she smells coffee being roasted in a frying pan and the delicate scent of tequila is in the morning air. Add one mule to see if it’s cooked, then serve. Cows prefer the bucket, too. Just do not let Bob near it. He makes it too strong. then drinks it all. Happy spring!

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  4. julesmomcat says:

    At 77, I’ll share my own personal wisdom: “Keep moving fast, so that rascal ‘Old Age’ cannot catch up with you.” And – no matter what they told you when you were a kid, NEVER ACT YOUR AGE! (It’s horribly boring.)

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    • rednig says:

      Wisdom! Remember the movie, Oh, God! with George Burns and John Denver? Burns played God, of course, appearing to a man to answer questions people needed to hear from God. One question was, how old were Adam and Eve when you crated them? Burns held that fat black cigar a moment, then said, “17. It’s the perfect age to be. You’re treated like an adult, but still live at him. You work like a dog but all your bills are paid, Your car, food, and a room are yours and you can do what you want with the money. 17 is the perfect age to be.” Happy 17th birthday, Momcat. Me? 17 and holding from here to eternity.


  5. I love coffee but it doesn’t love me back–acid system. 😦 — Suzanne

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  6. Perfect!! I think we should all get up when the sun rises. And DST messes with that big time.

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    • rednig says:

      Whoever thought of it was no dairy farmer. You try arguing with Bossy about DLT and you won’t be the first one to get a bird’s-eye view of the moon 🙂 niio!

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  7. colonialist says:

    I think a drip would be the right way to go . . .

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