Happy birthday, Johann

In honor of the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), here is the third movement of his Concerto in the Italian Style, BWV 971, published in 1735. Originally scored for a two-manual harpsichord, it’s played here by guitar duo.

12 Responses to Happy birthday, Johann

  1. I really enjoyed listening to this while reading another section of blogs. Bach makes such great back ground and study music.

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  2. egorr says:

    Now, THAT’s pretty cool – I can hear in my mind how a harpsichord would sound if it was played on one. Those guitarists are BUSY!

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  3. bobcabkings says:

    Nice! And, it is also the birthday of Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky.

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  4. Johann’s usual precise mathematical progressions with barely a pause for breath. Johann! The rest is your friend!

    Seriously, that was really nice.

    Not-so-seriously, I understood the lyrics for once. 😛

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  5. Joey Blue says:

    Such great musuc and rendition

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