Happy birthday, Béla

Hungarian composer and ethnomusicologist Béla Viktor János Bartók (1881-1945) composed his Romanian Folk Dances for piano in 1915, and later arranged it for orchestra. It has since been arranged for any number of different instrumental groupings. Here it is in a version for string ensemble, played by the strings of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.

5 Responses to Happy birthday, Béla

  1. egorr says:

    WOW! Real toe-tappin’, body-swayin’ lively music.

    The players really put themselves into the music. This is good stuff to dance to – like nobody is watching!

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    Fan-TAS-tic! Made me want to get up and dance!

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  3. Lovely. —- Suzanne

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  4. It’s grand to see so many young people in these orchestras, there’s hope for the world yet.
    And from so many ethnic backgrounds; marvellous

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