Happy birthday, Joseph

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) composed his Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in 1796 for Anton Weidinger, the inventor of the valved trumpet. Here is the final movement, performed by Wynton Marsalis with the English Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Raymond Leppard.

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  1. Oh, I like this a lot! So…triumphant and soul-stirring!

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  2. I do find this very repetitive, must admit I’m a great lover of Hadyn’s works, I much prefer this Trumpet Concerto, same artist different composer _ Hummel

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  3. teachezwell says:

    I am amazed that a trumpet can be so versatile!

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  4. I imagine Haydn sneering, “Oh, you’ve got a new instrument, do you? Well, can it do this!?!

    Marsalis: Watch me.

    Wynton looked kind-of young there, so I dug a bit. Looks like the concert was maybe from 1983. Born in ’61, so he was 😮 22 here? Yeah, only three and a half decades ago.

    Back before they “modernized” (ruined) the local classical music festival, we got to see older brother Brandon Marsalis’s Quartet live. Around the time of this concert:

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