Happy April 1st

14 Responses to Happy April 1st

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Yeah, that helium does help with the highest notes….

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  2. Great April Fools Day film clip. It might work though. 😀 — Suzanne

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  3. julesmomcat says:

    Ummm….the reaming-screaming would attract unwanted attention to Father’s “youth ministry.”


  4. You had me for an instant!

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  5. Surgical solution was not popular. That’s great stuff. Thanks BoB.

    Alas, my WordPress websites have been found out by the European Union copyright vultures, and anything by “other people” has been removed… which is, of course, everything.

    😀 😉 😀


  6. V.M.Sang says:

    The best April Fool’s joke since the spaghetti trees. (Showing my age here! Youngsters won’t know what I’m talking about, of course.)

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  7. julesmomcat says:

    Yesterday morning, I came out of the bedroom, and pulled a stunt collapse on the floor. Hubs came rushing over from the kitchen, bent down over me, and anxiously asked, “Are you OK?” I rolled onto my back, opened one eye, and said, “April Fool!” I thought he was gonna crap a brick! Best funny I’ve ever had, at his expense. Hey! I’m 77 and he’s 80–you gotta have as much fun as you can, in the moment, ’cause tomorrow is promised to no one!

    Plus: Keep moving fast, so Old Age cannot catch up with you!
    Plus-Plus: No matter what they told you when you were a kid, NEVER ACT YOUR AGE!

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    • I’m assuming you checked first to see that his life insurance was paid up… 🙂


      • julesmomcat says:

        Ah, yes – he’s 80, just finished 3 months’ cardio rehab after open-heart, triple-bypass-valve-replacement surgery, rides his bicycle 4-5 times per week to the gymn, and is a sure bet to make it to 100, long after I’ve warmed the crematorium. So, I thought the April Fool’s Day stunt was a good test of his survival. It worked!

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