Wednesday weirdness

10 Responses to Wednesday weirdness

  1. Funny. The last 30 seconds are hilarious.

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  2. That is both hilarious and wild. A lot of creativity shown there. I wonder if David Attenborough heard about it. 😀 — Suzanne

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  3. Reblogged this on Musings on Life & Experience and commented:
    Hilarious and creative.

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  4. says:

    lol where do you find this stuff?

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  5. jenny_o says:

    Hilarious! I love it.
    Found you through Infidel753 🙂

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  6. Gregoryno6 says:

    Very well done! (Typing in my best David Attenborough voice)

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  7. colonialist says:

    The documentary fails to capture the first kill of the feral baby – an awesome sight! Such a pity there was no drone to witness the devouring of the drone.

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