Dog days of summer

20 Responses to Dog days of summer

  1. ibikenyc says:

    I would find that first one a lot funnier if I weren’t worried about looking that way myself!

    These are all adorable / hilarious, especially the shepherd in the fridge!

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  2. and there are those who say that dogs are dumb; look pretty smart to this ol’ hound dawg.

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  3. egorr says:

    The very last one was what Nelson, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, would do. RIP buddy dog. We miss you!

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  4. Oh pups. I can so relate!

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  5. You know it’s hot when the dog starts melting.

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  6. jenny_o says:

    Aww, these are so great 🙂 I always feel sorry for dogs I see out with their people in town if their tongues are hanging out and they’re just shuffling along. (The dogs, not the people!) It’s cheering to see these guys having a good cool time.

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  7. Wow, now that’s hot. 😀 — Suzane

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