Happy birthday, Percy

In honor of the birthday of English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), here is Eric Nelson’s choral setting of “Music, When Soft Voices Die,” sung by the Atlanta Master Chorale with the composer conducting.

Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory;
Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heap’d for the belovèd’s bed;
And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.

2 Responses to Happy birthday, Percy

  1. tidalscribe says:

    Shelley’s heart was claimed to have been seized from his funeral pyre on the beach and supposedly is interred with the remains of Mary Shelley and their son Florence in StPeter’s church yard, in Bournemouth where I live. Florence Shelley settled here by the sea and built a theatre at home for his friends. The theatre has now been restored and has live dramas. Everything about Shelley and those around him was dramatic!

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  2. In college I once did an essay on the three Lake Poets, Percy, Bysshe and Shelly. Needless to say I got an F on the paper. The professor also suggested that perhaps college wasn’t for me and that I consider going into the army.

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