Sunday musical offering

Psalm 100:1-3 in Zulu, set to music by American composer Dan Forrest.

(This is the fourth movement of Jubilate Deo, composed in 2016. The words are from Psalm 100 and each movement is in a different language and musical style, reflecting the global aspect of the text. The full performance is well worth a listen.) 

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  1. colonialist says:

    Do I know it? Well, it does ring a bell . . .
    The words must be awfully difficult to learn, in that section!

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  2. Milady asked what it was we just listened to, and I read her your post. She said, “That was really cool. I liked it a lot.”

    (Milady really needs her own WP acct to comment. 🙂 )

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    • My husband and I attended a performance of Jubilate Deo a couple of years ago, and although I’ve been to hundreds of concerts and seen lots of audiences go wild, I’ve never seen anything like the response to Jubilate Deo. I don’t think anyone who was there will ever forget it.

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  3. hawk2017 says:

    Nice. I would like to hear the Mandarin Chinese version.:)

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  4. That was beautiful, thank you…am listening to other Jubilate deo selections now.

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  5. Dan Forrest’s cosmopolitan competence is a welcome respite from pervasive [US vs THEM] nastiness.

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