Wednesday weirdness — back to school edition

Any mother in the United States who did today what Jim and Margie’s mother did half a century ago would get a visit from Child Protective Services. 

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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    I walked to school when young. In some ways, it was a more innocent time.

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  2. Now here’s one I don’t remember from grade school days, but the music sure is familiar. 🙂

    We were within a few blocks, easy walking distance, of grade school and jr high. Didn’t pass through any business district, had sidewalk all the way, no under- or over-passes, just residential neighborhood. Perfect late-’50s, early-’60s middle-of-America experience.

    Looks to me like “Jim and Margie” had a more urban experience, passing through miles and miles of some obviously rough neighborhoods, dodging kidnappers and gangsters and drunken drivers. Hope “Mom” and “Dad” had the kids well-practiced at the range and concealed-carrying. 😮

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    • I had an easy walk from kindergarten through eighth grade — five blocks through a safe residential neighborhood. Things got a little more challenging when I was in high school and had to walk a mile and a half, which was no problem when the weather was agreeable, but not fun when it was too hot or too cold. On the positive side of the ledger, I never had a weight problem back then.

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  3. Uh what? Spank them when they needed it? The walking to school business has largely stopped due to predators. I liked how the guy in the car might have been a ‘bad driver’ and not a pervert. Heh. I walked to school most of the time, even when we moved to a rural area and the schools were miles off. Better than riding the bus. Still as mentioned, it was a much more innocent time in 1959. No kid could safely take a chance of walking any more, although around here they do. In herds. Utah has lots of children… 😐

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    • You’d never know it to listen to the media, but in most parts of the U.S., rates of violent crime today are no higher than they were in the 1960s, when our parents had no qualms about letting us walk to school. But even in places where kids could safely walk to school, a lot of parents won’t allow it, because they don’t want to risk getting that call from Child Protective Services. 😦


      • Someone needs to tell me why CPS would be involved in some children walking to school. I know that organization has really stupid rules sometimes, but seriously? If the walk is short, and the area crime free, where’s the harm? I have heard of CPS getting up in the business of hitting a child for any reason, which I think is fool hearty. I’m not saying beat the child severely, but a spanking? To me? It’s appropriate sometimes. I’m just happy I never had kids and didn’t ever have to deal with the increasing stupidity of the rules. Walking to school. My my my

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  4. L.K. Latham says:

    Miles and miles and miles and miles is their walk. I doubt they’s look all that happy about arriving to school. Still, I see plenty of kids walking without parents. But then, I am in the burbs. Was pretty funny though. Has anyone ever stood in line to get on a school bus? I only remember everyone rushing to get on.

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  5. jono51 says:

    I usually walked in the 50s and 60s, too. I don’t think it was ever more than a mile and a half and it was only for three years in junior high school that I had to cross one busy road. Otherwise it was just the suburban neighborhood streets. Life was easy and relatively safe.

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  6. ibikenyc says:


    What a shame.

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  7. I walked to school in every grade, K-12, in 1940s and 1950s. The distances ranged from 1/4 mile to 3/4 mile. It was 1/2 mile when I was in Kindergarten (ages 4 and 5). No rough neighborhoods, but some busy streets to cross without the aid of traffic signals. Those were the days … gone forever. I wonder if small-town kids are even allowed to walk to school these days.

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  8. Paul Sweet says:

    I walked to school thru third grade, and after that I rode my bike, without a helmet!

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  9. egorr says:

    Walked through 9th grade, rode my 10-speed to HS. Graduated in ’71.

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  10. No books ? No back pack ?

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  11. V.M.Sang says:

    I walked about a mile at the age of about 8 or 9 then caught a service bus for a half hour ride. Going home I had a 2bus journey as the bus I caught to school went another way back.
    But notice the lack of cars on the roads. Very different from now.

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  12. It’s a pain that the busses stop at each house now, even on my 25mph, no side streets, street. 5 stops in the span of 12 houses. They can’t walk to the middle and have one stop? No exercise either. 😕

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