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  1. 😀 — Suzanne

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  2. colonialist says:

    A version adopted autonomously is often ‘Gaga’ and the poor grandmother has to learn to live with it.

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  3. Grandma was good enough for us Yankees (and for Grandma).

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  4. When I had my children my mother absolutely refused to be called granny. She is grandma. In texts we shorten it to g-ma.

    Now that my son is having a child, I will also be ‘grandma.’ I told my mom we will call her gg for great-grandma. hehe

    Very long story, but appropriate here.

    When my mom was in the hospital having me, her mother was taking care of my sister, who was 18 mos old at the time. My sister kept calling our grandmother ‘mommy.’ She kept telling my sister, “I’m not mommy, I’m grandma.” My sister, being a baby heard “I’m not mommy” and thought she was saying I’m “popmommy.”

    So that is the name my grandmother had. Over time we called her Popmom, Pop and Poppy. My cousin was the only one who called her ‘grandmother’ and he used the full term grandmother.

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  5. hawk2017 says:

    For certain.:)

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