Friday happy dance

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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

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  2. Jean says:

    How can I send you a url without having everybody peek? Or should I just post? You can let me know on my blog if you want.

    What I have in mind is an incredibly beautiful and unusual Happy Dance.

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  3. red says:

    It’s after 6 PM, Happy Sabbath Day. Once, when in Brooklyn, NY, we stopped at a kosher grocery to get some good chicken (to be kosher, real kosher, all animals have to be raised as free as possible and no chemicals or antibiotics), and the woman in front of me had to grocery carts loaded to the brim. It was like that ever Friday afternoon as people readied for the Sabbath meal. The teller was exhausted, and looked ready to scream or cry. When I finally got to him, I had a few things and said, “Remember the beauty of the Lord when you enter the synagogue, to visit with Him tonight.” His whole face changed and he laughed, smiling now just at the thought of spending a little time with the Lord in love. On Sunday morning, as you enter the sanctuary, remember the beauty of the Lord and His love for you.

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