Musical offering for the second Sunday of Advent

English translation:

A spotless rose is blowing,
Sprung from a tender root,
Of ancient seers’ foreshowing,
Of Jesse promised fruit;
Its fairest bud unfolds to light
Amid the cold, cold winter,
And in the dark midnight.

The rose which I am singing,
Whereof Isaiah said,
Is from its sweet root springing
In Mary, purest maid;
Through God’s great love and might
The blessed babe she bore us
In a cold, cold winter’s night.

9 Responses to Musical offering for the second Sunday of Advent

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. […] Spotless Rose by Ola Gjeilo the Victoria Junior College Choir 22 May 2019 […]

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  3. marycarolhall9 says:

    Beautiful! I am listening to Christmas Concert from Vienna on EWTN and reading this lovely Scripture-based poetry. You have increased the Advent joy. Thank You

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  4. Larry Geiger says:

    Suspenders? Go figure 🙂 Creativity I suppose.


  5. larrygeiger says:

    I think somethings wrong. The video group is singing hallelujah the whole time. I don’t hear the lyrics that are displayed?


    • The choir is singing in Norwegian, which is why I included the English translation. (I left out all the alleluias because the word alleluia needs no translation.) The composer, who was born in Norway, put both the Norwegian and English lyrics into the score and left it up to each individual choir to decide which language to use.


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