Advertisements from long, long ago — ultrasexy menswear edition

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  1. The Corliss-Coon Collars were always a bit on the loose side, even for me, BoB 😂🤣😂

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  2. Sue Cass says:

    My how styles and advertising changed.

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  3. jono51 says:

    I want one of those terry jumpsuits!

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  4. Relax... says:

    “Men’s terry (or other!) jumpsuits”– yep, talking to you, too, Elvis — is in the dictionary under “female aversions” (along with “socks with sandals”).

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  5. ibikenyc says:

    Love these, and old ads in general 🙂

    Kinda wish men still did “dress” for dinner. Nothin’ like a man in a tux or, especially, tails. SIGH.

    Anyone else remember H.I.S For Her?

    (If that Wrangler ad is from 1975, that $14 jacket would today cost $67.12, and those $11 jeans, $52.74, according to the government’s inflation calculator.)

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  6. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    What a hoot!

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  7. Oh, that poncho. I can see it generating plenty of man talk.

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  8. Barbara Lane says:

    Love how with the terry jumpsuits the man is covered up – but they have a woman revealing a little more. Love how getting his BVD’s made Pa “cool.” Like who would even know he was wearing them. This was fun!

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  9. Very stylish, especially the underpants!

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  10. Who’s been looking in my wardrobe?

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  11. egorr says:

    Thems were the days, all right!

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