Happy Groundhog Day

3 Responses to Happy Groundhog Day

  1. Thank you, Bluebird. Happy Palindrome Day, too! 😀

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  2. red says:

    Grund sai, tastes like beef! I hope Phil gives you a good spring. He knows the score. 🙂 Ours are out, but not a lot tho the temps (south central Arizona) are high enough. Our ground squirrels probably don’t get bigger than 10 ounces. When we go to visit folks in PA, the dachshund is in awe of all those giant squirrels and has to stay on a leash. He tries to go right in burrows after them. While younger, he did well, but he’s 13 now, and getting a little long in the fang. You see ol’ Phil tell him I said hello and to do a good job or…tastes like beef. Hey, waste not, want not. If you live in a liberal state, do you dare to?


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