Find the bee!

A bee lurks somewhere among the flowers. See if you can find it.

(click to enlarge)

8 Responses to Find the bee!

  1. Adrienne says:

    Found it in under a minute! Yay me…

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  2. jono51 says:

    Found it, but I am now seeing yellow splotches everywhere.

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  3. Lisa Beth says:

    Yay, I found it! Thanks for the pleasant distraction! 🐝

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  4. See if you can find it.

    No! That looks ‘way too complicated and harrrd. This also poses several serious questions, like, why does the hedgehog have an apple on its head? Do penguins eat ice cream? And I don’t like the way that fox is looking at the bunny. Anyway, who has time to deal with such frivolities when there’s so many important things to worry about!

    Oh, wait…. I found it. 😀


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  5. Found it! But now I am hungry for ice cream.

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  6. egorr says:

    Had to embiggen (tired eyes and a sinus headache) but it took me about 5 seconds. Sheer luck!

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  7. V.M.Sang says:

    Yay! Found it in under a minute. Thought I’d have to wait until I was on my pc, but got it on my iPad!

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  8. Widdershins says:

    Found it!!! 😀

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