Sunday musical offering

The Lord’s Prayer in Swahili, set to music by Christopher Tin. This performance by the Welsh National Opera Orchestra, the Celebration Chorus, and KwaZulu-Natal Youth Chorus is conducted by the composer.

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  1. Ubi Dubium says:

    This was the opening theme to the video game Civilization IV, which is where I first heard it. I’ve loved the piece ever since. (And as choral singer, it’s on my bucket list!)

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  2. Beautiful and just the right start to a peaceful Sunday morning! Thanks B.O.B!

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  3. Amazing! Another friend shared a worship dance this morning performed by AIDS/HIV orphans of the Watoto Children’s Choir. Both exhilarating!

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  4. Musically and visually, this is a most beautiful Sunday music post. Misty-eyed… when I can’t even understand a syllable of what they’re saying. At least this time it’s not my flattened hearing. heh

    The penetration of Christianity among peoples and cultures world-wide is always thrilling to see. Into all the world, indeed.

    Some of my neighbors here in the old “Indian Territory” say it this way… (just spoken, not sung)
    The Lord’s Prayer in Cherokee

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  5. This seamless integration of African and classical Western music (by a composer with a Chinese-sounding name and Chinese-looking face) defies the tribalism that defiles contemporary politics.

    Many of the costumed singers don’t look like they might be fluent in Swahili, but they sang from memory anyway.  Impressive.

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