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  1. Betty says:

    I’m concerned this video repeatedly inserted a commercial for a light bulb in the middle of the video. This undermined my enjoyment of this website. It wasn’t random, it recurred with subsequent views. Shame on you!

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  2. That was good. As much of advertising as is rightly despised, some ads are incredible vignettes.

    The guy needed much more and better lighting in any case. And more than one camera!!

    Maybe it was the best he could do under quarantine?

    Actually, I wonder how old this ad is, because that looks like one of those compact florescent bulbs – remember them? 😉 They came out between banning incandescent and the rise of LEDs. Horrible things.

    We bought two when they came out. Put one in a desk lamp. The one and only time that cats racing around ever knocked over a desk lamp was shortly after that. Of course.

    With the mercury, in case of breakage, you were supposed to fumigate, wear haz-mat, and most especially not use vacuum cleaners to pick up the zillion little shards, which we did of course. Yeah, that convinced me to stick to incandescents.

    The other bulb we installed in a back hall where the catboxes are. It’s a ceiling light, so the cats can’t get to it. It’s on all the time. Give ’em their due, that CF bulb has been continuously lit for goshmany years. The cats have not complained.

    Um… if that was not a CF bulb in the ad, just never mind all that.

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  3. Widdershins says:

    Bwhahahahaha 😀 … poor bastard. 😀

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  4. egorr says:


    Some of those Ad Agency nerds really come up with good ones. For a while, they all worked at GEICO!

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