Wednesday weirdness

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  1. Ubi Dubium says:

    Ah Laugh-in! I loved Laugh-in.

    Watching this, I was convinced that both ladies were trying very hard not to break into laughter the whole time. And finally at the end, they did. I wonder how many takes they had to do of this, to manage to keep a straight face even that long.

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    • As someone who has a terrible time keeping a straight face when I find something funny (especially in the most inappropriate circumstances), I’m impressed with anyone who can do things like this without cracking up. 🙂

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  2. bluecat57 says:

    I remember that show. It was “racist” err, racy.

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  3. Heh… not necessarily dumb.

    Great catch, BoB. Lotta talent in those two.

    Laugh-In could barely get made in those days. Not at all today.

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