Wednesday weirdness

What lurks behind the stripes? Shake or nod your head to find out.


18 Responses to Wednesday weirdness

  1. I see a very faint image…but I can’t make out any details save I know what it is. O_o I never was good at those optical illusions though…

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  2. It is a man with short dark hair, wearing a dark suit jacket, a white shirt, and a dark tie. Abe Lincoln, maybe?

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  3. Rosemary B says:

    Mr Rogers??

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  4. Rosemary B says:

    Betty Crocker??

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  5. julesmomcat says:

    Awesome camouflage!

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  6. ibikenyc says:

    I, too, see the faint image of a person.

    Also, love, “Some mornings, it’s just not worth chewing through the leather straps.”

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  7. You people (previous commenters) are all making this up, aren’t you? Like the Emperor’s new clothes admirers?

    I’ve tried shaking, nodding, squinting, viewing at an angle, enlarging. … I see nothing but the stripes.

    BoB just posted this to make us look silly, I suspect. Now I have a headache.

    Oh, wait, okay, I reduced it instead of enlarging. Some blurry guy.

    I still say BoB does this to make us look silly,

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