Oh, the weather outside is frightful

9 Responses to Oh, the weather outside is frightful

  1. Sue Cass says:

    I’m with the ducks.

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  2. V.M.Sang says:

    Sensible ducks.

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  3. Mark Schultz says:

    Reblogged this on wordrefiner and commented:
    This quacks me up.

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  4. The Hinoeuma says:

    Holy crap, it’s cold! 😆

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  5. Spar Harmon says:

    Baby, it’s cold outside …

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  6. Widdershins says:

    Hah! 😀 I know the feeling. 😀

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  7. egorr says:

    First 15 seconds: “Freedom”
    After that: “Get back inside where it’s warm, QUICK!”

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