Advertisements from long, long ago

17 Responses to Advertisements from long, long ago

  1. I remember that Navy poster. My mom had one in the living room for some reason. She hated it because it reminded her of when she was in the Navy. My mom was a weird woman.

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  2. Herb says:

    Very cool and yes, kids need the energy candy gives. lolol. Probably wouldn’t get by with very many of these today.

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  3. floridaborne says:

    The electrolux brought back memories. Mom had one for 40 years. When it broke, I gave her the one I procured in 1974 because I wanted a more modern vacuum. When she passed away in 1983, it was inside the house. I still use the electrolux from 1974, even though it no longer has the carpet sweeper attachment. In the meantime, I went thought many other vacuums.

    You can still find the bags for it, but it takes some searching.

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  4. Aw, these are fun! I love the different color choices for the refrigerator handles. And wonder if the $2.98 wrist radio worked better than the $30 walkie-talkies I bought my kids. With a range from the bottom of the steps to the top of the steps.
    Also, just FYI: Grannys need the energy candy gives too.

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  5. The languages quote is so right – sadly!

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  6. says:

    There are a few that probably wouldn’t make it past the PC police.

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  7. Hetty Eliot says:

    I want that watch!!!

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  8. Jennie says:

    I love these.

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