Find the needle!

A needle lurks somewhere in this haystack. See if you can find it.

(click to enlarge)

The solution will appear in the comments section later today.

13 Responses to Find the needle!

  1. jono51 says:

    Doing the all the previous eye-straining puzzles must have inadvertently sharpened my skills. Finding a needle in a haystack was relatively easy. Whodda thunk?

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  2. V.M.Sang says:

    Yes. Found it easily.
    Just to be pedantic, that is not really a haystack. There are ears of wheat in there.

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  3. egorr says:

    Hand me a magnet, I’ll find it REAL quick!

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  4. This is cruel and unusual punishment, BoB. Been a long, hot day, and I really couldn’t bring myself to search. Nope nope nope just nope. Jumped to the solution. “Liked” the post, but not exactly liked.


  5. Corrie.S.P. says:

    It is supper supprising! I found it without help!

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  6. Corrie.S.P. says:

    How do you post pictures in the comments???


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