Sunday musical offering

Good morning, brother pilgrim,
What, bound for Canaan’s coast?
March you toward Jerusalem,
To join the heavenly host?
Pray, wherefore are you smiling
While tears run down your face?
We soon shall cease from toiling,
And reach that heavenly place.

To Canaan’s coast we’ll hasten,
To join the heavenly throng;
Hark! from the banks of Jordan,
How sweet the pilgrims’ song!
Their Jesus they are viewing,
By faith we see Him too;
We smile and weep and praise Him,
And on our way pursue.

With streams of consolation,
We’re filled as with new wine;
We die to transient pleasures,
And live to things divine.
We sink in holy raptures
While viewing things above;
All glory to my Savior,
My heart is full of love.

3 Responses to Sunday musical offering

  1. Eileen says:

    Oh what a lovely Sunday morning hymn! I have never heard it before. But it says it all and they sing it beautifully. Thank You!

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  2. That was nice; moving. Thanks for the lyrics, without which I would’ve strained to figure out a few words.

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  3. Corrie.S.P. says:

    That is a great song

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