Today’s cultural moment

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  1. davidprosser says:

    I’m so cultured now, thank you. What do I do with it all?

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  2. 100% of what I know about Aida comes from watching this. Well, except I think it was an opera by Verdi? Looks more like a ballet than an opera from this clip, but, then, I know nothing of opera, really. Quite a cast, quite a set, quite amazing costuming.

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  3. egorr says:

    Getting horses to behave on stage is a trick, I can attest!

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  4. Eileen says:

    Wonderful. Once of my favorite pieces of music that I pull out when I need some energy! I had only seen it staged once before at an outdoor stage in Herman Park near the zoo in Houston. They actually had elephants come over the hill through a path between the audience. They do things big in Texas. Awesome. Thanks!

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  5. Widdershins says:

    Phew! Talk about your cast of thousands! 😀

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