Advertisements from long, long ago — ultrasexy menswear edition

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  1. jono51 says:

    I actually had a Botany 500 sport coat in that era. I was probably 13 years old at the time.

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  2. jenny_o says:

    That undershirt! Those shoes! Those long collars! And (choke) THOSE KNITTED SWEATER VESTS!! It’s funny what passes as fashion …

    On the other hand, hats always look good 🙂

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    • Yeah, I would wear the hats. The rest… not so much.

      I rarely go out without my sorta-fedora-cowboy hat. One for wearing in public, one for working in the yard. Although, they’re starting to look alike.

      Why Did Men Stop Wearing Hats?
      (Narrator’s voice is a bit off-putting)

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  3. Ubi Dubium says:

    Looking at those knitted sweater vests, that’s not a retail ad, that’s a book of knitting patterns! Those weren’t just a quick thoughtless purchase, a man who had one of those had it because it was deliberately inflicted on him, probably by a loved one who put in hours of work to produce the dratted thing.

    I don’t have that book, but I do have at least one old book of knitting patterns that is also spectacularly outdated.

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    • You’re right, of course — it’s not an ad, but the picture was so funny I couldn’t resist including it. I had several knitting pattern books of that vintage as well. Wish I still had them — they’d be good for some laughs!

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  4. Rosemary B says:

    A few of these… I am rendered speechless 😮

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  5. Nat says:

    Huh. Some of those are weird.

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  6. Heltau says:

    Bought me some Pendleton shirts, these shirts are wonderful.
    Still have them after all these decades.
    They still work.

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  7. Lisa Beth says:

    How do those men’s body suits work anyway? I say bring ALL these styles back, we need a lot more levity today!
    ELEGANZA you rock! 😃

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  8. Cederq says:

    I think us men are due a comparative woman escapade of “Advertisements from long, long ago — ultrasexy menswear edition” Don’t you thinks Miss B and B?

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  9. V.M.Sang says:

    Isn’t it funny how ideas and tastes change over time? Many of those things would be considered normal and good-looking at the time. Now we just laugh at them.

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  10. Jennie says:

    What a great flashback!

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