Advertisements from long, long ago — Relationship Savers™ edition

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  1. jenny_o says:

    Er ……. well, at least, we’ve come a long way, I guess 🙂

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  2. Another great bunch of ads, BoB – the past is a different country.

    Woo woo, there’s some real hoochie-mamas in that Barbasol ad! I think I know that artist. Also like the little deodorant bit: Avoid “Athletic Aroma”! Whew.

    In the Lux ad, I can tell the guy’s looking at her legs, but I’m not sure if the look on his face is lust or disgust. Oh, horror! She has a run in her stocking.

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  3. Rocky D says:



  4. Em says:

    I’m surprised the rate of domestic accidents for men wasn’t higher…😉

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  5. Lisa Beth says:

    Agh! No wonder so many women have hang ups and obsess with their looks! Thankfully that’s laughable now…

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  6. Hetty Eliot says:

    Things aren’t better now, it’s all just expressed differently.

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  7. janiejunebug says:

    No wonder my ex-husband didn’t admire me. I never had perfect stockings. Shame on me.


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