Thanksgiving candy review

This courageous woman tried the product so you won’t have to. Never let it be said that this blog does not offer useful and potentially life-saving information.

7 Responses to Thanksgiving candy review

  1. Cederq says:

    It really looks like the whole bag of “candy” went bad… I think I will pass. Thanks for being a Guinea pig Mom of no rank. I fervently hope you got paid for your time and revulsion.

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  2. Linda Lee/Lady Quixote says:

    Reading these descriptions almost makes me want to buy a bag, just to see if they really are that horrible. But I will pass. The original candy corn is bad enough.

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  3. egorr says:

    “Standard” Candy Corn is bad enough. This kinda reminds me of trying to make a pig look better with lipstick… only with really, really bad coloring and flavoring decisions. E for Effort.

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  4. Reddietician could be one of those self-assured reddit experts who know everything.


  5. Corrie.S.P. says:

    Ok, Ok,
    I know that Candy Corn is one of the top hated candies in the world but seriously? I love it! My grandma loves it. I am sorry u guys don’t. Is this a real product?😂😂🤣 I don’t believe it. Sounds delish😋 (I’m JK)

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  6. The Night Wind says:

    How could they ruin Candy Corn—well they managed. It’s like chocolate bars now; what is ‘King Size’ today (and priced accordingly) was regular size when I was a kid. But I actually liked the original Candy Corn; it was great for sugar cravings.

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