Caturday chuckles

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  1. Nat says:

    Haha! I can believe that the food can is almost the exact same pattern as the cat!

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    A Scratch Post from, Bluebird 😹😹😹

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  3. Cederq says:

    I can with candor am not much of a cat person, but I do enjoy that pictures you post B/B.

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  4. Ann Patras says:

    That last one is clearly a cross-dresser! 😀

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  5. Lisa Beth says:

    I love Caturdays! 😃 thank you Bitter Bluebird!

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  6. noelleg44 says:

    As a cat lover, I found these WONDERFUL, BoB!

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  7. Widdershins says:

    Best of a fabulous bunch – ‘Don’t look at me’! 😀

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  8. jenny_o says:


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  9. Thank you, BoB! Cats are always good for more than only one joke. :-)) Have a beautiful week! xx Michael

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    Thank you for the kitty-chuckles. I’ll spread the word. Purrfect, of course!

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