Musical offering for the eleventh day of Christmas

So bright the star!
Timeless child,

Born of my body,
Reconciling God to man,
So bright the star
That shines tonight in the heavens!
Gloria in excelsis Deo!
Glad tidings the angels proclaim!
So bright the star!
What is this news the angels bring?
Who is this child who is Savior and King?
Let us run to greet the Savior!
So great our joy!
So bright the star!

4 Responses to Musical offering for the eleventh day of Christmas

  1. egorr says:

    Great song. Unfortunately, the vocals are completely drowned out by the orchestra. Bad mixdown IF this was processed in studio, which I doubt. Getting vocals captured properly while the singers are all spread out is a nightmare!


    • Obviously, the best place to be would have been smack in the middle of the auditorium, surrounded by the singers. Even so, I had no trouble hearing the singers (despite my generally poor hearing), and enjoyed the performance very much.


  2. University of St. Thomas was new to me.  It’s in the same league as St. Olaf College.  Maybe there is something special about the water in Minnesota?

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    • They do have some outstanding college choirs in Minnesota. Concordia College has a wonderful choir, as does Gustavus Adolphus. My husband and I were lucky enough to hear the St. Olaf choir in concert a couple of years ago (right before everything shut down), and we heard the Gustavus Adolphus choir a year or two earlier when they happened to be in town. Sigh… I really miss going to concerts…

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