Musical offering for the twelfth day of Christmas

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  1. egorr says:

    I had previously heard the Canadian Brass arraignment, this one looked like it was more fun to do.

    Shades of PDQ Bach!

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  2. Milady Jo comments: “That was pretty amazing.”

    Twelfth day, eh? Almost time to take down the tree. I hadn’t thought much about it but then I had an Epiphany. 😕

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  3. Your Christmas music is a wonderful tradition. Once again I’ve made a YouTube playlist:

    Bluebird of Bitterness’s Twelve Days of Christmas Beautiful Music 2021

    Old playlists:

    Bluebird’s Beautiful Christmas Music 2019-2020

    Bluebird’s Beautiful Advent Music 2019

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  4. ali redford says:

    That is awesome! I’ve been having trouble with letting the 12th day go, but this is helpful!

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